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Monday, September 24, 2012

Nature, Rice, Banana Leaf, Jesus, Me and Mahjong Day 164 Commitments: Happiness Character '

The Elephant

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My 21 Days Breathing
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 Me, The Elephant, Nature, Rice, Banana Leaf, Jesus and Mahjong 
Self Commitment for Fear of Suffering and Desire for Happiness ===
This is A Continuation of this Blog:

I commit myself to when and as i see myself  'fearing suffering and desiring happiness' - i stop - i breathe. I bring myself back here, slow myself doooown - learn from the Animals to slow down - and assist myself to accept and allow myself to express myself as life moment by moment breath by breath - as movement - as presence - as sensation.

I realise that within  this fear of suffering there are other characters i have created that i will have to look at to stop this character

 I commit myself to look at how i created each of  these characters within/as my mind - as looking at how i created these characters - i can stop creating them - as who i have become as a system within/as my mind - so i am deciding to do the '21 days breathing part 2'.

I commit myself to call on everyone to join me in my 21 days breathing  and journey to life - and birth self here - one blog at a time.

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