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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

21 Days Breathing: Solution Blueprint2: Raw Food, Shower, Assignment Sept 10, 2012 Day 150 Part 9 Day 7


21 Days Breathing
Daily Blogs

Sept. 10, 2012
Solution Blueprint
'Late' Character


/Assignment * did the assignment
/Sweep floor
/Food for Birds * still have food on the porch
/JTL  vlog - done
xDeletion of members from the 4 redefining groups 
/Prepare Raw Food for Delivery * started at 6 PM
Deliver * delivered 1 Am
Prepared dehydrated raw breads, 3 sauces and meals and raw cheesecakes
/xSupport Body while working in the kitchen

/ Get the raw breads out of dehydrator
/ Make the bed
/ Sweep the floor

/Shower - * When seeing thoughts, backchats - do self-forgiveness and self-corrctive statement - stop and breathe
/Stretch - *physically seeing how the body is responding to breath in/as movement as the body physically enjoys it

/ Rate
/Blog *did 2 blogs - 1 publidhed and 1 unpublished as to this moment
Nature Elephant and Me blog which is not yet finished

/JTL Video * finished

Make Raw food

Make Sauces:
/Chipotle sauce
/Rosemary Cream Sauce
/Salsa verde

Make Cheesecake:
/Make crust in food processor
/Make filling - both strawberry and chocolate

Deliver Raw Food 
/Delivered food in cooler
/ 6 meals, 6 desserts

Let go of separation from body * in the morning is a challenge - after stretching and massaging my body - the body becomes easy to manage/ move - and while doing that,  being here as the breath - letting go of beliefs on how it should be done

Let go of separation from breath *Doing Self-forgiveness for thoughts backchats and reactions that takes me to an alternate reality within/as my mind - bring self back here as breath

Let go of separation from thoughts
Support body through posture

Sloooow myself down

Read JTL Blogs

/Heaven's Science of Thoughts
/Creation's Journey to life
xEarth's Journey To life

I did the stretching, body massage and took a shower at noon time - instead of in the morning after waking up
Wrote the Routine on the board noon time
The body is restricted in movement
Support Body while working

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