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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, September 10, 2012

21 Days Breathing: Solution Blueprint1 Part 8 Day 6 Raw Food, Blogging: 9-9-2012 JTL Blog Day 148


21 Days Breathing
Daily Blogs

This is a continuation of this Blog:

Yesterday i wrote in my blog commitment statement that i will do a routine of things i am doing for the day as self-corrective application for my 'late' character - to do breath by breath - to equalize myself with the world system - and direct myself in my 'without' . Here's what i did - i list the things i need to do. Normally i would be pushing myself to do things by writing  the time i will do it and what i will do for the day. I realised i am directed by the mind that way.

 I am directing me here as the breath - to do what needs to be done breath by breath and correct myself as i go.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that breath by breath walking is separate from time - not realizing and understanding that time is the accumulation of breaths. I commit myself to assist myself to accept and allow myself to birth me as the breath here.

Solution Blueprint: 
To do Breath by Breath

Here's My List for Sept. 9, 2012
/ Shower - body - *do self -forgiveness and self correct when thoughts or backchats come up in the shower
/ Stretch - body - *as the breath - let go of knowledge and information about the body and how to stretch it - as i see the body physically 'asks' for it.

/ Blog- blogs - late after 12 am
x Assignment

x Tweepie
x Delete Members of Groups

/ Chop Carrots, Process in the food processor and dehydrate Raw Bread and taco shells

x Website
x Raw Food Recipe Book

x/ Study the Driving Course - a little bit

/ Go to store  to get food items to prepare food for tomorrow - waiting for CB to answer text of when to deliver - *He txted- went to the store and got the food items for next day delivery

/ Listen to interviews - *Be Here when listening to the interviews
Whale 4

/ Move as the breath in every moment - most of the breaths

/ Sweep Floor
/ Wipe Floor

/ Chat with Equality Friends

/ Make Bed
/ Rate

/ Relax the Body - let go of separation from breath * most of the day
/ Speak My SF for Thoughts - Let go of separation from thoughts * some
/ Be Here as Breath - *most
/ Let go of separation from body movements *most
/ Support Body Through posture *most

Read JTL Blogs -
/ H *2nd to last
/ C
x  E

x Do JTL Video

/ Write What I Eat and Drink
Writing what i ate for the day:
/Ate  1 mango during the day and 1 meal at night *quinoa salad with arugula

Watch movie with my partner
To Continue Correcting Myself Breath by Breath

I started the day by listing the things i will do breath by breath
Then having a Shower and then Stretching - letting go of beliefs on how to do it but movement as breath here
The self massage i did by just touching my body and pressing it lightly with some gliding strokes  - as i am here as breath
The body's movement is unrestricted

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