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Monday, September 24, 2012

21 days Breathing: Last day: 21st Day: START of 21 Days Breathing PART 2 JTL Day 165

The Elephant

 The Creation of Heaven On Earth


My 21 Days Breathing
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This is the 21st day of the 21 days breathing.

I faced my fears etc. in those 21 days, as i saw my participation within what i accepted and allowed within/as my mind.

I 'peeped through' the character system that i created .

I saw a lot of patterns that i can open up - to show me how i created who i have become - as the mind character- and from there stop and birth me as who i am - the real character - as flesh - as blood - made from the same substance all are made of - equal to all that exist.

So, i decided to do  a '21 Days Breathing' Part 2

I am facing myself again and the fear system that i created and take self-responsibility for the atrocities created in nature - also to animals and plants - which stemmed from my own acceptance and allowance 

I will look at how i created me as a mind character - and how i accepted and allowed this abuses in nature and the animal and plant kingdoms - to also look at who i am within FOOD, RELATIONSHIPS etc. and take it on as it unfold  using self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.


In the 21 Days Breathing Part 2, I will start looking at each character in the system of mind characters i created  - identify the fears and commit to correct myself and stop - using writing, self-forgiveness and correct myself breath by breath moment by moment in my commitment to correction within self-corrective application - as  movement as presence as sensation - to stand for what is best for all - as life.

The Link to 21 Days Breathing : Days 1-21: Part 1

Join me in the 21 Days Breathing Blog. Blog with me .

Let's birth Self as Life One Blog At a time!

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